2013 Highlights



10th: ‘Flashback to Living Wage’ by Charlotte Argyle, 2-Nov

9th: ‘New Labour?’ by Simon Denham, 13-Oct

8th: ‘Growth & the British Economy’ by Andrew White, 8-Sep

7th: ‘Housing & Government Intervention’ by Andrew White, 4-Oct

6th: ‘Entrepreneur of the Month’ with Sarah Dembitz, 29-Jul

5th: ‘The Bond Bubble is Bursting – Welcome to Reality’ by Sean Garman, 1-Jul

4th: ‘Business Confidence – View from the Boardoom’ by James Tarbit, 18-Sep

3rd: ‘Lessons from Fred Goodwin’ by Andrew White, 12-Nov

2nd: ‘Why should we continue to spend on aid?’ by Dan Aylward, 27-Oct

Top: ‘Trade Not Aid’ by Charlotte Argyle, 6-Nov


Ali Azeem launched GameBench, a new angel-backed start-up, to deal with fragmentation in the Android gaming market.

Sean Garman started his Masters in Finance at London Business School and was elected as both a Class Academic Representative and Student Ambassador.

Daniel Yates started his Masters in Finance at Cambridge University and has competed on three occasions for Jesus College Boat Club.

Andrew White joined the Economics & Finance arm at FTI Consulting and assumed the role of Policy Officer in Daniel’s absence.

Dr Raveem Ismail participated in The Royal Society’s Westminster Pairing Scheme which connects politicians and scientists.

James Symes passed his accounting exams and was recently asked to be the Campaigner for Ealing Southall.

Charlotte Argyle joined the Management Board of Conservative Way Forward and the team responsible for delivering The Margaret Thatcher Centre.

Adam Honeysett-Watts joined Burson-Marsteller, the world’s fifth largest communications firm, and provided digital support to two Tory politicians.

We hosted several successful events with Lord Sheikh, Michael Fallon and Iain Martin, and are planning many more for 2014.

We contributed to and were acknowledged in Liam Fox MP’s book ‘Rising Tides’ and attended the launch event in central London.


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